COVID-19 Response

  • We’re working from home as much as possible (and trying not to gloat about how right we were that it’s the best way to work).

  • We’re sanitizing with a fervency that is deeply satisfying to the inner germaphobe within each of us.

  • We’re working with our manufacturers to bring you hand sanitizing products. 

  • We’re doing everything we can to keep delivering exceptional products while keeping the safety of our customers and internal team members top priority.


Oh, and as always, our products are made in FDA registered facilities that are in compliance with the highest standards for safety and cleanliness.

Please note that while we are still shipping orders to all 50 states, we are not accepting returns for certain high-demand products such as our 70% Hand Sanitizer. There are also order limits on these products. Thank you for understanding the necessary changes made to our standard policy as we work to ensure ALL of our employees and customers stay healthy. 


Let’s stay safe and healthy, people. 



Tiny Human Team

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